The terminology with permanent makeup is sometimes challenging and hard to understand. We often get the question, "What is the difference between microblading and powderfil eyebrows?". I'm here to answer all of your questions!

The first step in the decision making process is to figure out what procedure is best for YOU. We need to evaluate what kind of brows you have, are they thick, thin, losing hair, light, dark, etc.

Microblading creates very fine lines and "hair strokes". We can adjust the thickness of the strokes to match the thickness of your hair by choosing the correct blade size.

Powderfil is done with a small machine. This is best for people who want a solid, filled in brow. Also for instance, if someone has gone from blonde to brown hair, or grey to brown hair and wants a brown base color for their brows this would be best. 

Both techniques have a natural look, it is just about determining what you want your end result to look like and how we can get you there!