Scalp Micropigmentation, Birthmark, and Scar Camouflage

Great Candidates for this treatment would be someone with: 

  • Hair loss, hair recession or balding.

  • If the result of the scar is lighter then your skin tone and your not happy with the appearance.

  • If you have a birthmark that is darker then your skin tone and you are self conscious of the appearance.

There are a variety of shade pigments to choose from to match your natural skin tone or hair color.

Consultation available upon request to determine the type of treatment which will be best for you.

A numbing cream will be used to minimize any uncomfortable sensations.

Procedures start at $85.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation Powderfill

Scalp Micrpigmentation Before and After

Scalp Micropigmentation-Before

Scalp Micropigmentation-After

Before After

Before After