Laser Tattoo Removal, Naples FL

Are you looking to get the most efficient and painless laser tattoo removal in Naples, Fl? We offer the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology in South Florida. No matter what your skin type, tattoo size or tattoo color is, we can help you.

There are different reasons why people choose to remove their tattoos. The most common types are for professional reasons, to get a new eyebrow style, to change their eyeliner color and to get rid of a tattoo that they got during a different phase of their life.Tattoo removal cost depends on the color, depth, and size, so a consultation is needed.

Facial Tattoo Removal

Are you looking to have a permanent makeup treatment removed? No problem! We understand that sometimes, you want to change the style of the way your makeup looks. This removal service is for microblading and other types of permanent eyebrows. Our specialized permanent makeup removal and tattoo removal service is for those with makeup that they no longer want, or they went to a place that did their permanent procedure incorrectly. The removal is done by laser, but it is not very painful like people think; there is a cooling mechanism that reduces the pain.

Body Art Tattoo Removal

Sometimes getting a tattoo in the past may have seemed like a good idea, but not too long after you realized that you made a mistake. Oftentimes you are afraid of letting people see that part of your body because you may be embarrassed. Let us help you fix your problem. Best way to remove tattoo is tattoo removal is for those that do not like their body art anymore, or they went to place that did their tattoo incorrectly/badly. The laser that is used can remove every color of the spectrum so that you are left with a clean slate on the skin.

Our laser tattoo removal machine

Does laser tattoo removal hurt? No, we have a freezing factor to make the skin numb. We are proud to say that our tattoo removal machine is one of the best in the world; it's the Quanta Q-Pluc C. With 3 separate wavelengths, we are able to remove any color and depth of a tattoo. Normally, the blue and green colors were harder to get rid of, however, with this machine, we can accomplish anything. During removal Our Zimmer cold laser machine is used to reduce pain, swelling and relax the muscles.

tattoo removal before and after pictures