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Online Permanent Makeup Training Courses

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to advance your knowledge or are looking to venture into the cosmetic industry, our online permanent makeup training courses are a perfect solution for you.

Everything You’ll Need

For Newcomers To Professionals

  • Understand color theory

  • Difference between permanent makeup and tattoo ink

  • Learn about skin and pigment undertones

  • Ensuring long-lasting results

  • …and much more!

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Learn Permanent Makeup Online

Learn From Experts

Our team that designed these top-of-the-line online permanent makeup courses has nearly two decades of industry experience.

Have A Fresh Start

Regardless if you’re new or not, the basics can not be overlooked; we strongly believe that humble beginnings are the baseline of how we thrive each and every day.

Best Online Permanent Makeup Training

Plenty Of Aha! Moments

Have you ever heard something that clicks so well with your soul that you nod your head in agreeance? That’s because you clearly understood what you took in. That’ll happen with our online courses …a lot.

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Learn From Home

Get Knowledge From A Professional

We Provide Everything From A to Z

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Enroll For Life

When you enroll in our online permanent makeup training classes, you’ll have indefinite access to ongoing course upgrades.

Online Microblading Courses

Easy To Access

Our courses are super easy to access with the help of Google Drive.

See Different Courses

From microblading & micro-pigmentation to lip liners and full lipstick tattooing and more.

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Articles About Permanent Makeup

If you want more information about permanent makeup, read our articles below.

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“I appreciate your interest in our online permanent makeup school. We strive to produce unparalleled content that will yield a great deal of what’s the most important in our industry – experience.”

Kim Winthrop

Founder, Wake Up To Makeup Naples

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