Kim Owner of Wake Up To Makeup


Kim Winthrop CNMT, LMT, EFDA, is the owner of Wake Up To Makeup and has 17 plus years of extensive training in dentistry and also has been the owner and operator of three other businesses.

I was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, and lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for most of my life. I moved to Naples in 2005. I have worked in a variety of specialty fields: Dentistry, Art Teacher, Painter, Massage Therapist, Massage teacher, Permanent Makeup Instructor.

I could never deny the fact that I have always had an underlying passion for the beauty and makeup industry, which is why I chose to pursue permanent makeup.

About six years ago, I had my Eyeliner and Eyebrows done. It was a great experience, and I pictured myself doing this, so I attended an excellent school of Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing in Naples, Florida, that included over 100 hours working on human skin.

To me, nothing is more satisfying then enhancing someone’s beauty and making them feel self-confident. Being a mom of two, I know what it is like to have a busy schedule, and this is another reason why I love to give people the privilege of waking up to makeup. You deserve beauty and simplicity, and that is what I am here for!

I offer services such as microblading, ombre brows, powder fill brows, blade and shading, tinting and shaping, eyeliner, eye shadow, lips, scar camouflage and under eye concealer, freckles, color correction, saline removal, tattoo removal.



Yamile was born in Isle of Youth and was raised in the Cayman Islands. She has been residing on and off in Naples since 2004.

She has loved art since a young age and admires all kinds: paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, music, calligraphy, tattoos and of course makeup! She believes that makeup is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.

One of her favorite forms of cosmetic beauty became permanent makeup from the moment she learned of this art form. In early 2014 she decided to return to Florida and began her education course. By April 2015 she had completed 100 hours of permanent make-up technician training and in November 2015 she graduated from Look Image Academy with excellence certification in permanent make-up, hair simulation tattooing, and EliminInk tattoo removal.

She has worked in different parts of the world and has been gaining experience since. Helping people gain assurance is very important as self-esteem impacts lives daily and the right makeup can be pretty powerful.



After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Gabrielle attended Boca Beauty Academy, where she acquired her skincare license.

Gabrielle apprenticed under a professional permanent makeup artist for a year and attended professional microblading and beauty classes. She decided to begin her career in Boca Raton, where she graduated from Florida Atlantic University as a Division 1 Student-Athlete.

She now resides in Naples, Florida, where she was born and raised.

Gabrielle offers services such as microblading, brow tinting and waxing, and lash lift and tints, small tattoos.


My name is Yusilema I was born in Cuba. When I came to this country, I knew it would be a journey. I have been in Naples Florida for 12 years, and I have learned that whatever your dreams are you can achieve them. I graduated from Hodges University in E.S.L. (English as a second language) A month later I started college for a career in Business Administration. In the process of attending the university, I met a colleague who was doing lash extensions as a career, she was a big influence on my decision to get into this profession. As an eyelash specialist, I enjoy making people feel beautiful by enhancing their eyelashes. The treatments I do are eyelash lift (is a perm which curls the lashes) Tint and attaching lash hairs one by one to the client’s natural lashes, this will improve the length, curvature, and quality of the natural lashes. This procedure is not only for women, but men also enjoy them too! The best feeling is to see the result and the client’s face of satisfaction is priceless!