What is eyebrow tinting and shaping?

Brow Tint and ShapeEyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. It’s done at salons, doctor’s offices, and even with at-home kits. It gives the appearance of thicker, more youthful-looking brows. The color usually lasts about a month. Why do so? In the case of eyebrows, tinting looks much more natural than a brow pencil. You won’t see any of the little marks that your pencil can leave behind.

Many different kinds of dyes may be used, in particular, vegetable dye. However, vegetable dye, as well as every other dye available for tinting, isn’t approved by the FDA because they haven’t been proven to be safe. Food-coloring dyes, cosmetic colorants, and coal-tar dyes are some other options. The latter, which are made from burnt coal, are prohibited by the FDA. There’s even an import alert on them that allows the FDA to seize any coal-tar dyes found in a salon.

At Wake Up To Makeup, we use a semi-permanent dye that is multi-use and can be used for various parts of the body, including brows and lashes.

Dos and don’ts for eyebrow tinting and shaping

Starting with clean brows is imperative for a successful tinting service, so make sure not to wear any brow pencil or powder to your appointment. Also, try to avoid anything oily or greasy, such as facial or tanning oils, so that the tint will be able to absorb into the hair properly, which means it’ll last longer.

Eyebrow tinting and shaping can feel like a high-maintenance service, as the tint usually fades within a few weeks and will be entirely gone by week four. So it is incredibly essential that you do your research and be picky about the pro you go to.

Make sure to have a conversation with your aesthetician about color and what is needed to get the most natural-looking brow possible. Typically a tint will be one solid color depending on the density of the hair. Still, a good aesthetician will be able to create a multi-tint to camouflage certain flaws or enhance specific characteristics of the arch or tail.

Don’t panic. If your brows end up looking too dark, it’s probably because some tint got deposited onto the skin underneath the hairs. Unfortunately, this can’t always be fixed immediately. However, it should fade in a day or so because it isn’t meant to last on the skin, So, if you feel your new brows are a bit too dark, you can lightly scrub your brows the next time you wash your face. This will usually lift the dye off the skin without ruining the integrity of the tint.

Stay out of the sun because sun exposure, salt water, and chlorine can make your tint fade faster, so avoid pool parties and the beach the day of your treatment. Also, protect your brows with at least SPF 30 on your next weekend in the sun.

How Much does it cost to Shape and Tint your Eyebrows?

At Wake Up To Makeup, eyebrow tinting and shape services are ranging anywhere between $25 to $45.