What is Permanent Lip Liner?

A permanent lip liner is simply a mild form of tattoo that’s on the outer lips. It’s the implementation of color around the vermilion border of the lips, where often, as we age, the contrast and definition or a youthful, 3D effect has flattened. Because of this, it makes the lips seem as if they’ve faded or disappeared.

Lip Liner Naples FlThe permanent lip liner application combined with other techniques, including highlighting lip definer and lip blushing, will give you a more natural look.

When performing a lip-liner procedure, you want the technician to proceed with caution and blend the color of the liner so that it doesn’t over-contrast your lip’s natural color. It needs to be a gradient effect, a subtle contrast blending between the border and lip tissue in order not look overdone or too drawn on.

When applied with a highly skilled hand and blended beautifully, permanent lip-liner can create lips that look fuller, more defined, and therefore more youthful.

Is Permanent Lip Liner Permanent?

Fear not. Unlike actual tattoos that penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to create long-lasting color, Permanent Lip liner will last forever. It will fade because the pigment is made with inorganic and organic minerals and that is affected by the sun and our skin exfoliates. That is why we offer yearly refreshes to keep your permanent makeup looking its best!

Who’s the Best Candidate for Permanent Lip Liner?

This treatment is for a client used to wearing makeup and likes to use pencil, lipstick, and gloss, but wants to keep the time and effort to a minimum. It is also for someone who has had their lip color and definition fade out, or their border has flattened over time. Since the technique can add balance, it’s also for those with significant asymmetries.

What’s the Lip Liner Application Process?

First, your permanent makeup artist will apply a numbing cream to the area to prevent pain. The level of discomfort is little to none. After numbing the lips, the artist will draw a line around the lips with a pencil, correcting any asymmetries if necessary.The route must be consistent in thickness throughout and placed on the outer and inner border. Otherwise, it will look uneven or crooked. Your artist will also match the client’s complexion and natural lip color with two colors that are in harmony with each other. The color for the liner should be a maximum of four shades darker than the lip’s gradient color.

After applying the darker of the two colors, the artist will go back with the lighter color, slightly overlapping them. This technique creates a gradient blend of the lips and is what defines the lips but keeps a soft, natural effect. For liner treatments, this is key. While it may be called lip liner, the magic is the clients will never see a ‘line.’

What Are Permanent Lip Liner Results?

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Results vary depending on your artist’s technique and skill level. Still, the ultimate goal of the permanent lip liner is to help lips look fuller, more symmetrical, better defined, and slightly more pigmented. Adding other permanent makeup techniques can heighten the effects, too. For example, if you choose a full lip tattoo, or lipstick, where the gradient colors the entire lip tissue, the artist can create even more fullness, shading, shimmer, and dimension, as well as further modify the appearance of the shape. The all-over color also restores a general youthfulness, eliminating the ‘washed out’ or tired look some women have without any lipstick.

Can You Still Wear Makeup With Permanent Lip Liner?

Yep, of course! The joy of permanent lip liner is that you can still wear your favorite lip products, but that even if you don’t, you always look snatched.

This technique is an instant face brightener. A ‘wake up to make up’ fresh-faced look where the pop of color and subtle definer and highlighter are just the right amounts of pretty without needing any makeup enhancement.

What Happens Over Time to Permanent Lip Liner?

As mentioned, permanent lip liner doesn’t last forever, which means that over time, it’ll fade. Assuming it’s been performed with the right pigment and not over-drawn far away from your lips, it will slowly get lighter and gradually disappear. You can expect it to last for about three years with gradual fading throughout that time.

If performed with the wrong color match or crazy blends to make a color, it can start to look grey or purple, with some color particles fading faster than others.

How Much Does Permanent Lip Liner Cost?

Depending on where you live and where you go, prices vary quite a bit. Wake Up To Makeup charges $400+ for this service. The more detailed the work is, ultimately, the more expensive it becomes.