Unveiling the realm of Nano Strokes opens up a world of possibilities for eyebrow enhancement. In this comprehensive FAQ guide, we aim to address the burning questions you might have about this innovative technique, ensuring a well-informed decision on your journey towards achieving impeccable eyebrows.

What are Nano Strokes?

Delve into the core of Nano Strokes, a technique that epitomizes the intersection of artistry and precision in the world of permanent makeup.

Definition: Nano Strokes is a form of permanent makeup that employs ultra-fine needles to create natural-looking, hair-like strokes on the eyebrows. This technique stands out for its ability to deliver highly precise results, closely mimicking the appearance of natural eyebrow hair.

How do Nano Strokes differ from Microblading?

While both Nano Strokes and Microblading aim to elevate the aesthetics of your brows, their methods are distinct. Microblading employs a manual blade to create incisions in the skin which are then filled with pigment, whereas Nano Strokes utilizes a digital machine with fine needles, promising a more precise, less invasive, and a more natural-looking result. The fundamental difference in technique also suggests that Nano Strokes might be a better option for those with sensitive or oily skin.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure kicks off with a personalized consultation to grasp your brow aspirations. On the day of the appointment, a numbing cream is applied to ensure comfort during the session. The digital machine, armed with a nano needle, is then used to create hair-like strokes on the brow area, implanting the pigment meticulously to achieve the desired look.

How long do the results last?

  • The allure of Nano Strokes isn’t just skin deep, it promises lasting results.
  • With proper care, the magic can endure up to two years, making it a highly cost-effective choice.
  • A gentle touch-up session is recommended annually to keep your brows looking fresh and fabulous.

Are Nano Strokes Painful?

Entering the realm of Nano Strokes is often accompanied by a tingling curiosity about the pain involved. However, you’ll be relieved to know that most clients find the procedure to be surprisingly comfortable.

What is the level of discomfort?

The level of discomfort is often compared to that of a light scratching. With the application of a topical numbing cream, the sensation is greatly minimized, making the procedure a comfortable experience for most.

What factors can affect pain sensitivity?

  • Individual pain threshold: Everyone has their unique level of pain tolerance.
  • Menstrual cycle: Sensitivity to pain can be heightened during your menstrual cycle.
  • Skin type: Sensitive or sunburned skin may experience a higher level of discomfort.

How is pain managed during the procedure?

Pain management is a top priority to ensure a pleasant experience. A high-quality numbing cream is applied before and during the procedure to keep discomfort at bay.

What is the Aftercare Like?

The post-procedure phase is crucial for achieving the desired results. Proper aftercare ensures that your new brows heal perfectly.

What are the immediate aftercare steps?

  • Avoiding water contact for the first 10 days.
  • Refraining from picking or scratching the treated area.
  • Applying the provided aftercare cream as directed.

What are the long-term care considerations?

  • Avoiding sun exposure or tanning beds to prevent fading.
  • Refraining from using exfoliating products on the brow area.
  • Scheduling an annual touch-up to maintain the vibrant and defined appearance of your brows.

Can I wear makeup post-procedure?

It’s recommended to keep the brow area free from makeup for at least two weeks post-procedure to prevent infection and ensure optimal healing.

How to Choose a Good Nano Strokes Artist?

The artist you choose is the wand that crafts the magic. Hence, selecting a skilled and experienced Nano Strokes artist is paramount.

What should I look for in a Nano Strokes artist?

  • Portfolio: A diverse portfolio showcasing a variety of brow styles and healed results.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews from previous clients reflecting satisfaction and good experiences.
  • Training and Certification: Proper training and certification in Nano Strokes and other relevant hygiene certifications.

What questions should I ask during the consultation?

  • The number of procedures they have performed.
  • The pigments and equipment used.
  • The protocol followed in case of an unlikely adverse reaction.

How should I prepare for the consultation?

Come with clear expectations, any questions you may have, and be ready to discuss your medical history to ensure a safe and personalized procedure.


The quest for the perfect brows is a journey worth embarking on. With Nano Strokes, not only do you attain natural-looking brows, but you also enjoy a less invasive, more precise, and long-lasting solution. Ready to transform your brows into a masterpiece? Embark on your beauty journey with us at Wake Up To Makeup and let’s create magic together!