No-Injections, No-pricey monthly touch-ups!!

(Here’s why you should skip the needle)

Permanent lipstick will give your lips a plump full look just like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, ANGELINA-JOLIE-perment-lipstickand Scarlett Johansson, to name a few of the world’s most envious pouts are now attainable to you and me!

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent Lipliner & permanent lipstick, is taking over the industry to achieve a “natural” fuller, shapely beautifully colored pout. The beauty of this service is that it’s a personal preference, with NO downtime.

At Wake Up to Makeup, we will determine your goals:

Do you want a fuller top lip, a more defined shape, suffer from hyperpigmentation, or want the perk of waking up every day ready to run out the door? hence Wake up to Makeup (and let’s be honest none of us love looking down at our coffee cup seeing lipstick stains).

This service is perfect for busy moms, career women, workout fiends, outdoor enthusiasts, beachgoers, or if you’re someone that just tires of reapplying lipstick or liner throughout your working day.

What is the process of permanent lip tattoo or permanent lipstick like at Wake Up to Makeup?

Our certified permanent makeup technicians will meet you, discuss your goals, go over coloring based on any hyperpigmentation, skin tone, even eye color. If your goal is to have a very natural makeup look closest to your lip tone, or if you want a more dramatic pop of color (perfect for adding clear gloss over, and your good to go out the door).


The beauty of permanent lip color or lipstick is that you can always come back for more! If you’re more on the conservative side and decide after your first application, you want more color, 2 touch-ups are included in our original price here at Wake Up To Makeup after your initial first application.

The process at Wake Up to Makeup for permanent lipstick tattoo is simple! Our artists will use a numbing cream that sits for 20 minutes, or our nurse practitioner can inject your lips for numbing, then we can draw your desired shape. The original appointment will take 2-2 ½ hours. With a follow up a month later.

How Long Does Permanent Lipstick Last?

The name states permanently; however, it is a different permanent tattoo than a “body” one. The pigment we use is powder-based approved by the FDA and does not fade into grey or green tones. The name says lasting; however, since the dyes are not as harsh as the ink on body tattoos, the color will fade naturally; this can be easily fixed with touch-ups every few years (once again based on personal preference).

So how do we achieve that full kissable pout at Wake Up to Makeup?

Our artists will (if you so desire) extend the lip line for a much fuller plumper look. This line will still be very natural looking while achieving a fullness that, in the past, has only been made through lip fillers.

Benefits of Permanent Lip Liner or Lipstick at Wake Up To Makeup:

One-time cost vs. injections that can run in the hundreds (even thousands) every 4-6 weeks. Not to mention permanent lip tattoo is a low maintenance beauty enhancement vs. the hassle of monthly touch-ups that fillers require.

Things You Should Before Getting Permanent Lipstick

Similar to any minor procedure, there are just a few things to avoid before getting your permanent lip tattoo! Avoid all of the following 24 hours before:

  • Aspirin
  • Fish oil
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin E.

Ingesting any of these can cause thinning of the blood, which could cause slight bleeding. Just right to always air on the side of caution. Also, if you have been using any Retinol products specifically Accutane, make sure to notify our technicians here at Wake Up To Makeup, being this can make your skin extremely sensitive.

A great Pro tip! The week before your appointment for permanent lip tattoo, use a toothbrush scrubbing your lips gently for seven nights. It will exfoliate any debris on your lips and help with color retention for the best possible results!

Aftercare For Permanent Lipstick

Aftercare tips once you have your new beautiful lips!!

Apply NovE gel that we give to you morning and evening as needed.

We recommend to apply it once you start to feel any itchiness or dryness.

You mustn’t peel or pick excess skin from your lips as this will delay the healing process (and its entirely to be expected).

Your lip color will be 25-50% darker than the color you and our technician choose; this is again completely normal. It will lighten up within 7-10 days as it heals.

Try not to scrub harshly or rub the lip area (gently wash or move around them the first week).

Aftercare No No’s Upon Your Permanent Lip Tattoo Procedure:

Avoid the hot tub/pool for at least 5-7 days.

Do not expose the area in direct sun ex (tanning beds or laying out).

If walking outside, wear a hat. No Sauna

And do not put on any other cream or ointment other than our NovE gel that we give you!

Please give us a call at Wake Up To Makeup (239) 431-5432; we look so forward to helping you feel your best!!! “If you feel your best, remember you will be YOUR best.”